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Why are Mosquito Bites Itchy?

Mosquito bites are itchy because of the body’s immune system response to the mosquito’s saliva. When a mosquito bites a person, it injects its saliva into the skin to prevent the blood from clotting, which allows it to feed more easily. The saliva contains a mixture of proteins that can trigger an immune response in some people, leading to the release of histamine and other chemicals.

Histamine causes the blood vessels to dilate and become more permeable, which allows immune cells to travel to the site of the bite to fight off the allergens in the mosquito saliva. This immune response can cause redness, swelling, and itching around the bite site.

The itching sensation is a result of the histamine’s effect on the nerve endings in the skin. Histamine causes the nerves to become more sensitive, which leads to the itchy sensation that is characteristic of mosquito bites. Scratching the bite site can further aggravate the skin and increase the itching sensation, as well as increase the risk of infection.

To alleviate the itching caused by mosquito bites, it is recommended to use over-the-counter antihistamine creams or oral medications, apply a cold compress, or use natural remedies such as aloe vera or tea tree oil. It is important to avoid scratching the bite site to prevent further irritation and the risk of infection.