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Why do Kids Swell up so much with Mosquito Bites?

When a mosquito bites a person, it injects saliva into the skin. The saliva contains proteins that can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Children, in particular, may experience a more severe reaction to mosquito bites because their immune systems are still developing and are more prone to overreacting to foreign substances.

When a child is bitten by a mosquito, the immune system sends histamine and other chemicals to the area to fight off the allergens in the mosquito saliva. This causes the blood vessels in the area to dilate, which can lead to swelling, redness, and itching.

In some cases, children may also develop a more severe reaction called “skeeter syndrome,” which can cause larger areas of swelling and itching, as well as fever and other flu-like symptoms. This reaction is more common in children who have been bitten by multiple mosquitoes or who are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites.

To help prevent mosquito bites and reduce the risk of allergic reactions in children, it is recommended to use mosquito repellent, wear protective clothing, and avoid being outside during peak mosquito activity times. If a child does experience a severe reaction to a mosquito bite, it is important to seek medical attention.